Exhibitor Information

Welcome to World Dairy Expo, the largest dairy-focused trade show on Earth!

Each fall, more than 60,000 dairy enthusiasts journey to Madison, Wisconsin from nearly 100 countries to engage with innovative companies, dairy leaders and cattle breeders. While plans are being made for World Dairy Expo 2023, potential and current exhibitors are invited to view the 2022 Show Summary to learn more about Expo or the Exhibit & Sponsorship Guide or contact tradeshow@wdexpo.com.

Exhibitor Manual

Please take time to carefully review these materials, as they can save you time and money and help you make your World Dairy Expo experience more profitable and enjoyable.

Display Rules & Regulations

Refer to this document when designing your booth at World Dairy Expo. The Display Rules & Regulations are strictly enforced to ensure all exhibitors have the ability to be seen by Expo attendees. Please be sure that your booth falls within these parameters to avoid issues at the show.

First-Time Exhibitor Guide

The booklet is a compilation of information you wish you had known before your first trip to Madison. It has everything from frequently asked questions to a glossary of Expo-specific terms to a list of “off the beaten path” restaurants. This resource includes helpful hints that are valuable to first-time and long-time exhibitors alike.

Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips outlines a plethora of valuable resources that will help you to get the most out of your investment in our event, including information to guide you as you plan your booth space, search for sponsorship opportunities, and seek out free promotional materials. 

WDExhibitor Website Guide

As a 2023 Trade Show exhibitor, your company name, booth location, website, product category and keywords are listed, along with any information that you've provided in past years. Expo’s WDExhibitor website allows you to be in control of what information is listed for your company, including contact information. This step-by-step guide will help you update your information and make the most of this resource.

World Dairy Expo Commercial Exhibitor Forms

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