Media Registration

World Dairy Expo ®
Policy and Procedures on Showring Photographers

Modified 6/19/17

Overview: World Dairy Expo welcomes all media from around the globe to this world-class gathering of the finest dairy cattle in North America. Our primary goal is to ensure that all cattle exhibitors have a fair and uninterrupted competitive experience, and we strive to provide the highest quality live streaming video with unobstructed views. For these reasons, a limited number of photographers will be allowed to cover each breed show within the Showring. It is a privilege to be in the world-famous Showring, which is defined as “all areas covered by colored shavings” and includes the theme displays at each end. For the safety of all individuals, walking or climbing within the south theme display is prohibited.

World Dairy Expo’s Showring Photographer Policy:

  • Registration: ALL photographers interested in obtaining access to the Showring must apply by September 20 with World Dairy Expo’s Media Relations Manager, and a limited number will be approved to cover each breed show. ALL photographers must pick up their Showring Photographer Badge in the media room in person. 
  • Badge/ID: Following approval, an official WDE Showring Photographer Badge will be provided.
    • Badge must be prominently displayed at all times.  
    • This badge allows Showring access to only the registered publication or organization whose name is on the badge
    • Only one badge per publication will be allowed, except for those covering multiple breed shows
      • Those publications with two badges may only have two photographers in the Showring when there are two breed shows taking place, simultaneously (one per breed show)
    • Photographers without a badge will be asked to leave the Showring 
  • Dress Code: Professional attire is required by Showring Photographers.
    • Photographers must wear a black dress shirt and pants, including any outerwear
    • Jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats or tennis shoes are not allowed
    • Logos are not allowed on any attire worn in the Showring to be consistent with Dairy Cattle Exhibitors
  • Showring Etiquette: Photographers with a Showring Badge should only be in the Showring when actively taking photographs.
    • The photographer should promptly exit the Showring upon completion of photos and while waiting for next class
    • Photographers must not position themselves between the animals and the judges
    • Photographers must be respectful of barriers in and around the Showring
    • Be courteous and respectful of other Showring Photographers 
    • NEW FOR 2017: Photographers may lie down in the Showring, but must not cause a delay of show or safety hazard to cattle, exhibitors, judges, or other ring personnel.
  • Talking to judges, associate judges and actively showing cattle exhibitors is strictly prohibited.
  • Cell Phones: The use of cell phones – including texting, e-mailing and instant messaging – while in the Showring is prohibited. Please switch all electronics to “Silent” mode when in the Showring.
  • Video Taping: Video-taping of classes is prohibited by Showring Photographers. However, general news outlets may be allowed to film footage from the outer ring or at the discretion of Expo staff.

Policy Enforcement: You must agree at all times to respect show management, including Expo staff, breed superintendents, Showring volunteers, judges, students and security personnel.  If you are asked to leave the Showring or observe the dress code, please act immediately.  Failure to comply will result in dismissal from the Showring, loss of your publication’s Showring credentials and possible future event suspension.

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