Youth Fitting & Showmanship 

Thanks to the generous support of AHV USA, Expo is partnering with Dairy Agenda Today to livestream the 2022 Youth Showmanship Contest! Look for the livestream on Dairy Agenda Today's YouTube page on Sunday, October 2 starting at 2 p.m.

Fitting Contest

World Dairy Expo Youth Fitting Contest will take place at 10:00 a.m. in the Sale Pavilion on Sunday, October 2, 2022. This contest is open to all youth ages, 13 to 21. 

Showmanship Contest

Open to all youth, ages 9 to 21, the World Dairy Expo Youth Showmanship Contest will take place at 2:00 p.m. in the Coliseum on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

For a complete list of 2022 contest rules and regulations, entry form and schedule of events, please click on any of the following links.

For a complete list of 2022 contest rules and regulations, entry form and schedule of events, please click on any of the following links. A contest catalog, outlining heats, will be available the morning on October 2.

Meet our 2022 Judges!

Youth Fitting Contest - Kyle Natzke

The judge of the 2022 Youth Fitting Contest is Kyle Natzke. Originally from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Natzke currently resides in Tulare, California where he works as herdsman at Kash-In Holsteins and Jerseys, primarily managing the show herd. Growing up at Crestbrooke Holsteins and Jerseys, he was an active member in his country and state Junior Holstein Associations and successfully competed in Dairy Bowl, Dairy Jeopardy, judging and showmanship. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison-Farm and Industry Short Course, Natzke spent many years traveling as a professional dairy cattle fitter working with elite herds across the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Holland, Mexico and Sweden. Finding success at World Dairy Expo, he is the only youth to date who has won all three youth showmanship divisions, and in 2018, he exhibited his first homebred Expo class winner. Natzke has been a coach for the Dodge County Dairy Bowl Team and is very supportive of dairy youth as he helps mentor them in selecting, fitting and improving their showing skills. 

Youth Showmanship Contest, Junior Division - Jason French

VMS Solution Manager at DeLaval NA, Jason French, is the judge for the Junior Division of the 2022 Youth Showmanship Contest. A resident of Fergus, Ontario, Canada, French is a former general manger of the Ontario Holstein Branch and a Vice Chair of the TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. He has judge numerous 4-H and county Holstein shows across Ontario. French calls Bertram Strewart his mentor in the industry. In 1993, French was a member of the Ontario 4-H judging team that competed at World Dairy Expo with Stewart as his couch. The life lesson that has helped him the most in the industry is, “Listen to the experts in their fields and be sure to ask questions to improve your own knowledge.”

Youth Showmanship Contest, Intermediate Division - Brian Kelroy

Brian Kelroy of Deforst, Wisconsin is the 2022 Intermediate Division Youth Showmanship Judge at World Dairy Expo. Kelroy is a Dairy Production Specialist for Zoetis along with serving as the coach for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Dairy Judging Team. A member of the National and Wisconsin Holstein Associations, Kelroy has shown and worked with All-Wisconsin winners and All-American nominees. His judging resume is vast, ranging from serving as the associate judge of the 2017 International Red & White Show to judging Brown Swiss at International Dairy Week in Shepparton, Australia. Kelroy notes that his mentors in the industry include Chad Ryan, Lynn Harbaugh, Cy Letter, Ted Halbach and Dr. Dave Dickson. The life lesson that has helped him the most in his dairy career is, “Always give it your all and try your best. Surround yourself with people you admire, can learn from and help you grow.” Kelroy is married to his wife Dana and together they have three children, Kian, 11, Ava, nine, and Weston, three. 

Youth Showmanship Contest, Senior Division - Claire Swale

The Senior Division judge of the 2022 WDE Youth Showmanship Contest is Claire Swale. Swale is the Marketing Content Manager for Select Sires Canada while also owning Heavenly Genetics. She has an extensive background in exporting, delivering and supplying Holstein and Jersey genetics to Germany, Italy, Spain and Dubai. With roots in the UK, Swale owns 25 Jerseys and Holsteins on both sides of the Atlantic. She is a seasoned veteran at judging showmanship contests taking on roles with the TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic in Toronto, Canada in 2018, the 2019 All Britain Calf Show in Peterborough, UK, and the International Dairy Show in Cremona, Italy in 2018. With very few female judges to inspire her while growing up in the UK, Swale looked to Rosemary Shufflebotham. The life lesson that has helped her the most in the dairy industry is, “Don’t be afraid to fail… Be afraid not to try.” Swale currently resides in Aylmer, Ontario, Canada with her husband Greg McLean and has an adult son Harvey. 

2022 Youth Showmanship Contest Awards

Junior Showmanship

Junior Division:

  1. Cameron Ryan, Fond du Lac, Wis.
  2. Livia Sandelier, Loyal, Wis.
  3. Stella Schmocker, Whitewater, Wis.
  4. Benny Uhe, Janesville, Wis.
  5. Kestin Martin, Tulare, Calif.
  6. Justin Brandel, Lake Mills, Wis.
  7. Reid Vandoske, Cleveland, Wis.
  8. Natalie Mauk, Plymouth, Wis.
  9. Madalynn Arnold, Earlville, Iowa
  10. Tristen Upchurch, Hebron, Ill.
Intermediate Showmanship

Intermediate Division:

  1. Hannah Visser, Hutchinson, Minn.
  2. Mason Ziemba, Durhamville, N.Y.
  3. Logan Harbaugh, Marion, Wis.
  4. Peyton Voegeli, Poynette, Wis.
  5. Amelia Stone, Greenfield, Ind.
  6. Tessa Schmocker, Whitewater, Wis.
  7. Aubree Topp, Botkins, Ohio
  8. Tyler Leuch, Pulaski, Wis.
  9. Matthew Winch, Fennimore, Wis.
  10. Brianne Vandoske, Cleveland, Wis.

Senior Showmanship

Senior Division:

  1. Emory Bewley, Susquehanna, Pa.
  2. Nadia Uhr, Crysler, Ontario, Canada
  3. Emi Lange, Utopia, Ontario, Canada
  4. Kylie Konyn, Madison, Wis.
  5. Jordan Hawthorne, Listowel, Ontario, Canada
  6. Amy Hughes, Killbuck, Ohio
  7. Jack Lange, Utopia, Ontario, Canada
  8. Emma Finch, Utopia, Ontario, Canada
  9. Courtney Orser, Sydenham, Ontario, Canada
  10. Olivia Finke, London, Ohio

2022 Youth Fitting Contest Awards 

Intermediate Female Division:

  1. Adhyn Schell, Lewiston, Minn.
  2. Ellie Larson, Evansville, Wis.
  3. Emily Goode, Liberty, Ky.
  4. Lindsey Gibbs, Rollingstone, Minn.
  5. Makenna Mase, Cochranton, Pa.

Intermediate Male Division:

  1. Logan Shoop, Wimauma, Fla.
  2. Carter Major, Lebanon, Tenn.
  3. Matthew Winch, Fennimore, Wis.
  4. Oliver Nisen, Leesburg, Ind.
  5. Suton Paulson, Rockford, Ill.

Senior Female Division:

  1. Brooke Hammann, Barron, Wis.
  2. Jamie Gibbs, Rollingstone, Minn.
  3. Haley Beukema, New Richmond, Wis.
  4. Alexis Blankenberg, Platteville, Wis.
  5. Sophie Leach, Linwood, Kan.

Senior Male Division:

  1. Robert Nagel, Clymer, N.Y.
  2. Evan Cooper, New Braintree, Mass.
  3. Wesley Brantner, Saegertown, Pa.
  4. Brian Mccullough, Juda, Wis.
  5. Keenan Thygesen, Tunbridge, Vt.