Youth Fitting & Showmanship 

Fitting Contest

World Dairy Expo Youth Fitting Contest will take place at 9:00 a.m. in the Sale Pavilion on Saturday, September 28. This contest is open to all youth ages, 13 to 21. Registration fees apply.

Showmanship Contest

Open to all youth, ages 9 to 21, the World Dairy Expo Youth Showmanship Contest will take place at 12:00 p.m. in the Coliseum on Saturday, September 28. Registration fees apply.

For a complete list of 2024 contest rules and regulations, entry form and schedule of events, please click on any of the following links.

For a complete list of 2024 contest rules and regulations, entry form and schedule of events, please click on any of the following links. A contest catalog, outlining heats, will be available the morning on September 30.

2023 Youth Showmanship Contest Awards

Junior Showmanship

           Intermediate Showmanship

                            Junior Division:

                            1. Chesney Speich, Wisconsin
                            2. Royce Booth, Wisconsin
                            3. Livia Sandelier, Wisconsin
                            4. Benny Uhe, Wisconsin
                            5. Justin Brandel, Wisconsin
                            6. Kamryn Kasbergen, California
                            7. Kendall Thomas, Ohio
                            8. Grace Beckett, Ontario, Canada
                            9. Jacob Schimek, Minnesota
                            10. Ava Williams, Pennsylvania
                            11. Blake Hill, New York
                            12. Madison Harbaugh, Wisconsin
                            13. Ivy Hebgen, Wisconsin
                            14. Eli Arp, Ohio
                            15. Kate Kasbergen, California

                            Intermediate Division:

                            1. Kennedy Zimmerman, Wisconsin
                            2. Logan Brass, Wisconsin
                            3. Stella Schmocker, Wisconsin
                            4. Alaina Dinderman, Illinois
                            5. Lauryn Weisensel, Wisconsin
                            6. Matthew Winch, Wisconsin
                            7. Ava Hebgen, Wisconsin
                            8. Kennedy Kimball, Maine
                            9. Brittany Taylor, Wisconsin
                            10. Cameron Ryan, Wisconsin
                            11. Kiara Konyn, California
                            12. Carter Major, Tennessee
                            13. Ana Rauen, Iowa
                            14. Noelle Vos, Wisconsin
                            15. Tyler Leuch, Wisconsin
                                                      Senior Showmanship

                                                      Senior Division:

                                                      1. Wesley Winch, Wisconsin
                                                      2. Savannah Crack, Quebec, Canada
                                                      3. Kylie Konyn, California
                                                      4. Jon Chapman, California
                                                      5. Tessa Schmocker, Wisconsin
                                                      6. Kolton Crack, Quebec, Canada
                                                      7. Emma Paulson, Wisconsin
                                                      8. Sarah Hill, Vermont
                                                      9. Elizabeth Schieferstine, New York
                                                      10. Faith Lynn, Maryland
                                                      11. Cooper Puterbough, Ontario, Canada
                                                      12. Audrey Sidle, Ohio
                                                      13. McKenna Niemeier, Wisconsin
                                                      14. Lily Jenson, Wisconsin
                                                      15. Courtney Orser, Ontario, Canada


                                                      Annette Ostrom Memorial Supreme Showman:

                                                      Wesley Winch, Wisconsin

                                                      Annette Ostrom Memorial Reserve Supreme Showman:

                                                      Kennedy Zimmerman, Wisconsin

                                                      2023 Youth Fitting Contest Awards 

                                                      Intermediate Female Division:

                                                      1. Kayla Trustem, Wisconsin
                                                      2. Hannah Gingerich, Pennsylvania
                                                      3. Lindsey Gibbs, Minnesota
                                                      4. Jazlynn Olson, Wisconsin
                                                      5. Amelia Somers, New York

                                                            Intermediate Male Division:

                                                            1. Tyler Leuch, Wisconsin
                                                            2. Carter Major, Tennessee
                                                            3. Matthew Winch, Wisconsin
                                                            4. Jayse Pudwill, Illinois
                                                            5. Ethan Staudinger, Wisconsin

                                                                  Senior Female Division:

                                                                  1. Savannah Crack, Quebec
                                                                  2. Cassie Gebert, Indiana
                                                                  3. Adhyn Schell, Minnesota
                                                                  4. Ellie Larson, Wisconsin
                                                                  5. Aisja Achenbach, Wisconsin

                                                                        Senior Male Division:

                                                                        1. Hayden Reichard, Pennsylvania
                                                                        2. Preston Welling, Minnesota
                                                                        3. Suton Paulson, Illinois
                                                                        4. Cadin Valentine, Maryland
                                                                        5. Keaton Phoenix, Ontario