Youth Fitting & Showmanship 

Open to all youth, ages 9 to 21, the World Dairy Expo Youth Showmanship Contest will take place at 6:00 p.m. in the Coliseum on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

World Dairy Expo Youth Fitting Contest will take place at 10 a.m. in the Sale Pavilion on Sunday, September 30, 2018. This contest is open to all youth ages, 16 to 21. 

For a complete list of contest rules and regulations, entry form and schedule of events, please click on any of the following links:

Showmanship Judges Clinic
Registration is open for World Dairy Expo's new Showmanship Judges Clinic!  Open to judges of all skill levels, as well as youth project leaders, the clinic will cover PDCA showmanship guidelines and is aimed to improve consistency among showmanship judges.  The clinic is free to registrants and will take place Monday October 1 from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. in the Coliseum.  Participants can register here

2017 Youth Showmanship Contest Awards


1. Brianna Meyer, Chilton, Wis.
2. Kolton Crack, Richmond, Qué
3. Ava Booth, Plymouth, Wis.
4. Mason Ziemba, Durhamville, N.Y.
5. Garrett Ulness, Valders, Wis.
6. Amelia Stone, New Palestine, Ind.
7. Sara Dorshorst, Marshfield, Wis.
8. Lilian Finke, London, Ohio
9. Brianne Vandoske, Cleveland, Wis.
10. Abigail Ard, Pulaski, Wis.
11. Ava Hebgen, Deforest, Wis.
12. Morgan Stone, New Palestine, Ind.
13. Wyatt Dorshorst, Marshfield, Wis.
14. Landree Fraley, Muncy, Pa.
15. Emma Paulson, Columbus, Wis.


1. Taylor Vander Meulen, Brighton, Ont.
2. Savannah Crack, Richmond, Qué.
3. Adele Biasini, Morrisville, Vt.
4. Connor Erbsen, Lanark, Ill.
5. Julien-Charles Rousseau, Qué.
6. Zachary Paul, Worden, Ill.
7. Hailey Raymond, New Glarus, Wis.
8. Ashley Smith, Woodstock, Ont.
9. Brilee Trucker, Edmonton, Ky.
10. Cally Finley, Woodville, Ont.
11. Joseph Real, Georgia, Vt.
12. Kylie Nickels, Watertown, Wis.
13. Jared Abraham, Plymouth, Wis.
14. Sierra Omlin, Modesto, Calif.
15. Grace Howe, Waukon, Iowa


1. Mikayla Endres, Lodi, Wis.
2. Ashley Harvey, Stayner, Ont.
3. Rebecca Doble, Cannington, Ont.
4. Mike Podschadly, Armstrong, B.C.
5. Bruce De Ruysscher, Fredrick, Md.
6. Katie Anderson, Victoria, Australia
7. Kristen Broege, Janesville, Wis.
8. Emily Mikel, Stafford, N.Y.
9. Summer Henschel, Chilton, Wis.
10. Caitlin Small, Huntington, Mass.
11. Allli Walker, Wisconsin Dells, Wis.
12. Elizabeth Acel, Glen Rock, Pa.
13. T.J. Wingert, Kent, Ill.
14. Sandra Krone, Foutainville, Pa.
15. Lydia Williams, Waterville, N.Y.

2017 Youth Fitting Contest Awards 

 Intermediate Female:

1. Elizabeth Stoltzfus, Berlin, Pa.
2. Brooke Hammann, Barron, Wis.
3. Abby Grimm, Milaca, Minn.
4. Breanna Fritsch, Kaukauna, Wis.
5. Kiley Henn, Deerfield, Wis.

Intermediate Male:

1. Tyler London, Center, Ky.
2. Jasenko Gavranovic, Nicollet, Minn.
3. Dillon Freeman, Bremen, Ind.
4. Tommy Diemel, Seymour, Wis.

Senior Female:

1. Olivia Brandenburg, Fort Atkinson, Wis.
2. Hannah Nelson, Ellsworth, Wis.
3. Emily Mikel, Stafford, N.Y.
4. Sandra Krone, Fountainville, Pa.
5. Kristina Mikkelson, Stoughton, Wis.

Senior Male:

1. George Mason, Woodstock, Ont.
2. Austin Nauman, Norwalk, Wis.
3. Jonathan Beiler, Fredericksonburg, Pa.
4. Trevor Tuman, Arlington, Minn.
5. Grant Fremstad, Westby, Wis.