World Dairy Expo Leadership

The World Dairy Expo Board of Directors is comprised of business professionals and dairy producers representing many dairy industry organizations. The Board of Directors was established in 1970, when World Dairy Expo, Inc. (WDE) was formed. The following are Expo directors, their organization affiliations and/or board positions.

Bill Hageman *
At-Large Representative
2023 WDE Executive Committee

Vice President
Tom Morris *
WDE Dairy Cattle Exhibitor Committee Chair

Bob Hagenow *
At-Large Representative

Bill Barlass
Director Emeritus

Dave Kyle
Foremost Farms USA

Dave Bollig *
WDE Overall Dairy Cattle Show Superintendent
Joan Lau *
At-Large Representative

Scott Culbertson

Purebred Breeders of WDE

Jeff Lyon
At-Large Representative 

Jason Danhof
Purebred Breeders of WDE

Annie McCullough
Farm Journal Media, Official Program Publisher

Alan Deming

Director Emeritus

Jennifer Meyer

Purebred Breeders of WDE

Kami Dorn
Wisconsin Guernsey Breeders Association

Joey Opsal
Dane County Holstein Breeders

Glen Easter
Dairy Farmers of America

Randy Romanski

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP)

Paul Fricke

Chad Ryan
Purebred Breeders of WDE

Corey Geiger
Holstein Association USA, Inc.

Jeannette Sheehan 
Purebred Breeders of WDE

Calvin Graber
Associated Milk Producers, Inc.

Jim Sipiorski

CentralStar Cooperative, Inc.

Keith Heikes

Brooke Trustem
BouMatic LLC

Dean Hermsdorf
ABS Global, Inc.

Bryan Voegeli *
Purebred Breeders of WDE

Laura Herschleb *
WDE General Manager

Ryan Weigel

Wisconsin Holstein Association

Josh Hushon *

At-Large Representative

Doug Williams *
WDE Commercial Exhibitor Committee Chair

Kevin Jorgensen *
Select Sires, Inc.

Emily Yeiser Stepp
National Milk Producers Federation

Ernie Kueffner
At-Large Representative

*Denotes member of the Executive Committee

Commercial Exhibitor Committee

Doug Williams, Kuhn North America, Inc. (Chair)

Doug Harland, Dairyland Laboratories
Josh Hushon, Cargill Animal Nutrition (Vice Chair) Dean Hermsdorf, ABS Global
Danielle Brown, American Jersey Cattle Association Dave Jons, Dairy Agenda Today
Erin Carter, Lallemand Animal Nutrition Karen Lally, VES-Artex
Joe Coburn, Coburn Company, Inc.  Steve Pesik, Oxbo International Corp. 
Cheryl DeCraene, GEA Farm Technologies Terri Smith, Select Sires, Inc.
Jenny Eighmy, Peach Teats Marjorie Stieve, Vita Plus Corporation
Sara Gabor, Quality Liquid Feeds, Inc.  Laura Tresslar, Merck Animal Health
Jane Griswold, Hoard's Dairyman Taylor Weisensel, Ag-Bag by RCI
Sara Harbaugh, Zoetis

Dairy Cattle Exhibitor Committee

Tom Morris, Industry Representative (Chair) Dr. Donna Mertz, National Ayrshire Representative
Bryan Voegeli, National Brown Swiss Representative (Vice Chair) Jim Meyer, National Guernsey Representative

Katie Agnew, National Milking Shorthorn Representative

Terri Packard, Eastern United States Representative

Dave Bollig, Overall Dairy Cattle Show Superintendent

Andrew Reynolds, Red & White Representative
Lucas Clanton, Midwestern United States Representative Joe Rocha, Western United States and Western Canada Representative
Evan Creek, At-Large Ayrshire Representative Chad Ryan, Wisconsin Representative
Ted deMent, National Jersey Representative Dusty Schirm, At-Large Jersey Representative
Brian Dinderman, At-Large Guernsey Representative Kevin Stoltzfus, At-Large Guernsey Representative
Erica Enright, Eastern Canada Representative Jennifer Thomas, At-Large Jersey Representative
Corey Geiger, National Holstein Representative Eric Topp, At-Large Brown Swiss Representative
Lynn Harbaugh, At-Large Red & White Representative

Roger Turner, Industry Representative

Matt Henkes, At-Large Milking Shorthorn Representative Mark Valentine, At-Large Ayrshire Representative
Jennifer Hill, At-Large Holstein Representative

Sarah Wendorf, National Red & White Representative

Christopher Lang, Industry Representative TJ Wingert, At-Large Milking Shorthorn Representative
Anthony Liddle, At-Large Holstein Representative Heather Yoder, At-Large Brown Swiss Representative
Dr. Sheila M. McGuirk, Industry Representative