These maps show all the commercial exhibit buildings on grounds and they correspond to the booth numbers listed for each participating company in this online directory. The Grounds Map shows the complete layout including the barns at World Dairy Expo and the Alliant Energy Center. Please use these maps when planning which booths to visit or when you are trying to locate which building a specific company is exhibiting in.

Interactive Exhibitor Maps

Interactive Maps

Printable PDF Expo Maps:

Grounds Map

Exhibition Hall - Booth Numbers: EH 1100-6500

Coliseum, Main Concourse - Booth Numbers: MC 1-99

Coliseum, Arena Level - Booth Numbers: AL 100-299

Arena Building - Booth Numbers: AR 400-599

Outdoor Trade Mall - Booth Numbers: TM 600-799

Trade Center - Booth Numbers TC 800-999

Coliseum, International Lounge - Booth Numbers: IL 300-399

Exhibition Hall Meeting Rooms