Dairy Cattle Show

A visit to World Dairy Expo is an opportunity to see almost 2,500 head of cattle from across the U.S. and Canada compete for top honors in seven breed shows. Whether you're in the registered business or a commercial producer looking to see a bull's best daughters, ringside in the Coliseum is for you.

Have results sent to your phone in real-time, by texting "WDERESULTS" to 727-493-3976. Once enrolled, select to breed shows you wish to recieve results from - All, AY, BS, GU, HO, JE, JRHO, MS and/or RW. To unsubscribe, text "WDERESULTS STOP"

Download the 2018 Cattle Logs at the start of each breed show

Jr. Holstein - Ayrshire - Jersey - Milking Shorthorn - Brown Swiss - Guernsey - Red & White - Holstein

Show Results