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Entries for the 2019 World Dairy Expo International Futurity are open. 

Past Exhibitors, please login to the Dairy Cattle Entry System.

New online users will click the link and click on “Create New Account”. This detailed guide will help you navigate the system.

World Dairy Expo 2016 Dairy Cattle Show entries will open in July 2016. 

Thank you for your interest, below is information for the 2015 Show. 

When submitting animal entries, please include an AIN 15-digit number (visual or electronic) for all animals. Acceptable forms of animal identification are: USDA AIN 840 tag (RFID or visual), Canadian CIA RFID 124 tag, Manufacturer Coded RFID 900, 982, or 985 tag. Entries may be submitted with this information Pending.  Though, upon arrival to the Expo grounds, this tag is required. This information will be used for health check-in upon arrival. Breed show check-in will continue to use an original breed association registration paper.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us via email or at 608-224-6455.

    2015 Premium Book PDF Forms and Applications
    We recommend entering online, but if you prefer to print and mail your entries, paid by check or money order, use the Cattle Exhibitor forms below.


    2015 Dairy Cattle Exhibitors Information
    Once you have submitted your entries, World Dairy Expo will provide entry confirmation via email to those who provide a valid email address or by postal mail.  Please review the following important information in preparation for your arrival at World Dairy Expo.  Please print the following for easy reference.