2016 Dairy Cattle Show and Sale Schedule

C = Coliseum
EH = Exhibition Hall
SP = Estrumate Sale Pavilion

Schedule subject to change.
Unauthorized solicitation on the grounds is prohibited.

Tuesday, October 4

7:15 AM International Junior Holstein Show (C)
7:30 AM International Guernsey Show (C)
3:00 PM International Jersey Show - heifers (C)
3:00 PM          International Milking Shorthorn Show - heifers (C)
7:00 PM International Guernsey Classic Sale (SP)

Wednesday, October 5

7:30 AM International Jersey Show - cows & groups (C)
12:30 PM International Milking Shorthorn Show - cows & groups (C)
2:00 PM International Brown Swiss Show - heifers (C)
7:00 PM Top of the World Jersey Sale (SP)

Thursday, October 6

7:30 AM International Brown Swiss Show - cows & groups (C)
1:30 PM International Ayrshire Show - heifers (C)
1:30 PM International Red & White Show - heifers (C)
2:00 PM

World Premier Brown Swiss Sale (SP)

Following Brown Swiss Sale

World Premier Milking Shorthorn Sale (SP)

6:00 PM

Youth Showmanship (C)

Friday, October 7

7:30 AM International Ayrshire Show - cows & groups (C)
7:30 AM International Red & White Show - cows & groups (C)
Noon International Holstein Show - heifers (C)
2:00 PM World Ayrshire Event Sale (SP)
7:00 PM World Classic '16 Holstein Sale (C)

Saturday, October 8

7:30 AM International Holstein Show - cows & groups (C)
5:00 PM Parade of Champions and Selection of Supreme Champions (C)

** International Futurity Classes will take place immediately following the Sr. 2-year-old class in each breed show. An overall and reserve overall futurity champion will be selected immediately following the Holstein Futurity Class on Saturday afternoon, October 8.