World Dairy Expo Board

The World Dairy Expo Board of Directors is composed of a variety of business professionals and dairy producers representing many dairy industry organizations. The Board of Directors was established in 1970, when World Dairy Expo, Inc. (WDE) was formed. The following are Expo directors, their organization affiliations and/or board positions.

2017 Executive TeamPresident
Alan Deming*
East Central/Select Sires

1st Vice President
Bill Hageman, Jr. *
At-Large Director

2nd Vice President
Debbie Crave *
At-Large Director

Michael H. Hellenbrand *
Purebred Breeders of WDE


Bill Barlass
Purebred Breeders of WDE

Cliff Becker  
Farm Journal Media, Official Program publisher

Dan Belk
Foremost Farms USA

Scott Bentley *
General Manager

Steve Blessing
Purebred Breeders of WDE

Dave Bollig *

Overall Dairy Cattle Show Superintendent

Courtney Booth 
Purebred Breeders of WDE

Paula Bovre
Wisconsin Holstein Association

David Cooper

National Milk Producers Federation

Jim Crowley, Jr.

Director Emeritus 

Jason Danhof
Purebred Breeders of WDE

Glen Easter
Dairy Farmers of America

Troy Esser    

Randy Geiger
Lakeshore Federated Dairy Cooperative

Tim Griswold
Dane County Holstein Breeders

Bob Hagenow *

At-Large Director

Dean Hermsdorf *

WDE Commercial Exhibitor Committee Chair

Ernie Kueffner

At-Large Director

Ray Kuehl
Director Emeritus

Dave Kyle

Foremost Farms USA

Steve Larson    
At-Large Director

Joan Lau
At-Large Director

Julie Luedkte
Cooperative Resources International

Chuck Miller


Tom Morris *
WDE Dairy Cattle Exhibitor Committee Chair

Mike Schiller

Associated Milk Producers, Inc.

Steve Strickler
Dairy Farmers of America

Kate VandenBosch
UW-Madison CALS, Dean, Ex-Officio

Clark Vilter
WI Guernsey Breeders Association

Bryan Voegeli *
Purebred Breeders of WDE

Ryan Weigel
Accelerated Genetics

Doug Williams

Kuhn North America, Inc.

*Denotes Member of Executive Committee