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2011 World Dairy Expo Survey Analysis

650 dairy producers from the US were surveyed at random all five days of Expo. The following summary outlines the 2011 survey results:

Herd Size:

  • Average: 202 cows 
  • 20-50 cows: 14.1%
  • 50-99 cows: 36.3%
  • 100-249 cows: 30.9%
  • 250-499 cows: 9.6%
  • 500-999 cows: 6.0%
  • Over 1000 cows: 3.1%

Age of Visitors:

  • 18-24: 17.0%
  • 25-34: 14.2%
  • 35-44: 19.7%
  • 45-54: 28.8%
  • Over 55: 20.3%

Residence of Visitors:
41 different states were represented in the survey

  • Wisconsin: 55.8%
  • Minnesota: 8.8%
  • Iowa: 8.7%
  • Illinois: 6.5%
  • Indiana: 2.2%
  • Michigan: 2.8%
  • Other States: 14.7%

What do Producers Plan to See?

  • Dairy Cattle Show: 68.5%
  • Trade Show Booths: 91.2%
  • Barns: 72.0%
  • Educational Programs: 15.7%

Purchases Made at World Dairy Expo:

  • Under $5000: 6.0%
  • Over $5000: 21.7 %

Time Spent at World Dairy Expo:

  • Half Day: 8.7%
  • One Day: 46.0 %
  • Two Days: 23.7%
  • Three Days: 7.9%
  • Four Days: 3.6%
  • Five Days: 10.0%

Number of Times Attended in the Last Five Years:

  • Once: 16.8%
  • Twice: 15.0%
  • Three Times: 13.0%
  • Four Times: 10.2%
  • Five Times: 45.0%

Topics Producers are Gathering Information On:

  • Livestock Supplies: 70%
  • Animal Nutrition: 50%
  • Milk Handling Equipment: 46%
  • Feed Handling Equipment: 40%
  • Forage Management: 28%
  • Facility Expansion: 26%
  • Manure Management: 26%
  • Expanding the Herd: 24%
  • Financial Services: 12%
  • Farm Relocation: 6%
  • Organic Farming: 6%

Top Issues of Interest:

  • Labor: 18.8%
  • Herd Health: 20.5%
  • Price Volatility: 67.2%
  • Environment: 44.8%
  • Management: 41.4%
  • Other: 2.7%

What Producers Find Most Valuable When Visiting Exhibit Booths:

  • Personal Contact with Exhibitor: 61%
  • Literature to Take Home: 57%
  • Talking to Technical Experts at a Booth: 51%
  • Product Demonstrations: 45%
  • Promotions/Give-aways: 40%
  • Making a Purchase: 22%


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    Scam Warning

    Every year, Expo exhibitors report being contacted by suspicious companies who claim to be “official vendors” or otherwise using the Expo name to try to get you to buy their products or services. Expo does carefully select vendors to provide services at the show and those companies are listed in the Official Manual. If they aren’t listed, you might want to be a little suspicious.

    For example, last year a freight company contacted several exhibitors to let them know that the shipping address for advance freight was changed. Their materials made it appear that they were an official contractor who was hired by the show to handle incoming freight. All you had to do was fill out their forms (complete with credit card information) and they would ensure that your freight arrived. Fortunately, we were contacted early by an exhibitor and were able to put a stop to the solicitation.

    Perhaps the best known example of trade show scammers is Construct Data and their “Fair Guide.” This Austrian company has been sending out solicitations including the Expo name and logo for several years. The pitch seems as though they are only looking for your approval to receive a free listing in their book. The fine print reveals a three-year commitment at thousands of dollars per year. This one is so well known that many governments have gotten involved to try to stop them. Unfortunately, recent legal action in Europe has pushed them to focus almost exclusively on US companies as targets.

    Remember, we do distribute your address to our Preferred Vendors so they can contact you, but we never, ever give out your email address. For a full list of Preferred Vendors, check the Service Directory in our Exhibitor Manual.

    If you have been "hooked" by one of these scams, you may wish to check out this helpful website -