Exhibitor Manual

Click here for the 2019 Exhibitor Manual (PDF). 

Please take time to carefully review these materials, as they can save you time and money and help you make your World Dairy Expo experience more profitable and enjoyable.


Display Rules & Regulations

Click here for the 2020 Display Rules & Regulations (PDF).

This document contains vital information for all exhibitors to consider when planning their World Dairy Expo exhibit booths. It is strongly recommended that all employees who are involved with the show review this document.

Please call with questions or fax a sketch of your booth to the World Dairy Expo office for review in order to avoid having to modify your booth on the show floor. If you have questions about any of your booth design, contact Crystal Ripp at cripp@wdexpo.com


First-Time Exhibitor Guide

Click here for the 2019 First-Time Exhibitor Guide (PDF).

The booklet is a compilation of information you wish you had known before your first trip to Madison. It has everything from frequently asked questions to a glossary of Expo-specific terms to a list of “off the beaten path” restaurants. This resource includes helpful hints that are valuable to first-time and long-time exhibitors alike.